Welcome to the official webpage of renowned bodywork specialist, Russell Lipensky.  Russell uses many techniques to help bring your mind and body back into alignment freeing stored thoughts and emotions from the body.  The foundation of his practice is The Collard Method of Bodywork, a unique method which relates thoughts and emotions to specific parts of the body.  The body has a language which Russell is able to listen to and address with the appropriate physical technique.  He will also help give you an understanding of the thoughts and emotions being held in your body in order to give you a physical, mental and emotional release. Understanding how your body reacts to outside stimulus and what it is saying, can help you understand the results you are getting in your life.

"I listen to the body... Allow it to lead me... As it does I ask questions which help release the physical body." - Russell Lipensky  

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Russell Lipensky is an intuitive body worker, body language consultant, and workshop leader.  Russell uses his knowledge of the body and his intuition to help his clients release old, negative emotions and thoughts that are stored in the body. Russell uses his expertise to show us how the mind affects the body.  Please join Russell as he brings his teachings to your area and experience how employing these techniques can have lasting effects in both your personal and professional life.  


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