Russell began his way of healing with his own pursuit of self-enlightenment.  He studied Aikido for 10-years, the martial art practice which translates as "the way of unifying (with) life energy." Aikido shed light upon both the power of body language and of the mind-body connection.  Through much time and dedication to the art, Russell was introduced to the different ways in which our thoughts and emotions are reflected through our physical state. Introduction to this new level of understanding ignited a striving desire within him to learn even more.

Soon after, Russell met and began an apprenticeship with Patrick Collard, a gifted body language expert and founder of the Collard Method of Body Work.  Russell extensively developed his intuition and then pursued a deeper understanding of how we create our own reality based on how we react to our environment.  He has attended numerous workshops to expand his knowledge of the human body and the emotions it houses within. After apprenticing with Patrick and other gifted teachers, Russell began to practice The Collard Method of Body Work; an alternative practice that uses many physical modalities, including body language and intuition, to evoke healing and personal development.

Russell helps to guide his clients to respond to situations rather than react and  focuses on the importance of remaining in present time* for longer periods; both provide individuals with a clearer self-perception entirely.  Through his studies, Russell has become more than a body work practitioner; he has also gained the respect of many as a dedicated and gifted teacher himself.  He has been a guest speaker at Montana State University, Professional Women's Roundtable, Eye and Ear Infirmary in Manhattan, the National Black Theatre, and The Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy. Still today, he continues to conduct workshops to bestow valuable knowledge upon the general public.

Finally, Russell facilitates healing: of the mind, of the body, and of the spirit. He is a true example of one who thrives when others prosper. As Russell experiences deeper levels of consciousness, he passes along that wisdom in direct yet subtle ways. Russell gives the greatest gift one could ever seek: an ultimate place of self-understanding and of peace.