Below are just a few examples of how Russell Lipensky's bodywork has effected his clients.  Here's what they have to say:

"Iíve done several one-on-one bodywork sessions and breath workshops with Russell over the last two years, and it has been a life-altering experience. Whether weíre working on a physical injury or a deeply ingrained emotional trauma, Russell has been able to lead me to a place of insight and understanding about the causes of my symptoms, while releasing and relieving the pain. His patience, wisdom, and good humor are always a pleasure, and go a long way in making a potentially uncomfortable situation a comfortable one. I highly recommend his work to anyone who needs relief from pain, or simply wants to maintain their health at the highest level." 

- Leigh Medeiros, 2009

"I had the occasion to meet Russell Lipensky approximately ten months ago. To be honest I was quite skeptical about going to a body worker. I had very limited exposure to this type of work and truly did not understand the scopes of its benefits. I agreed to try it mainly because my best friend had seen Russell and raved about the experience.

All of the above being said, my first session of body work with Russell was nothing short of amazing and certainly life changing. During this session Russell work on body ailments that were long standing. He was able to adjust my body so they no longer exist even to this day. It was also the beginning of my understanding of how our emotions are interconnected with our bodyís illnesses or ailments. I have had multiple sessions with Russell and will continue to do so because of the profound difference it has made in my life.

I have also had the occasion to attend Russellís workshops. The Intuition and Body Language workshops are fabulous. These workshops are a great complement to the body work. They have afforded me a greater understanding of bodywork and its application to daily life. Iím a registered nurse and use the skills I have learned in my practice. This has enabled me to provide better nursing care to my patients.

It is my privilege to write this testimonial for Russell. Iím forever grateful for his work and the skills he has taught me."

-Susan Caron, BA, RN-BC, CAPA, CPAN, January 2009

"For me Russellís work may be the ultimate experience in the mind-body connection. I am an active yoga practitioner and fairly self actualized person, but his sessions go beyond what I have experienced with other such sessions or therapies. He actively goes after larger truths that have been holding me back by asking very simple questions about what I experience on a daily basis and have experienced historically. His work is both profound and simple helping me to feel that there is healing going on at a core level and also that very basic, effective steps being taken to realign an actual hip or tendon. Without imposing loads of information Russell describes why how I conduct my life has contributed to the misalignment. What I leave with is a body that feels amazing and a sense that there are simple mental things I can shift in order to get more from life and to continue feeling good. He is humble, very accessible and undoubtedly very talented. In addition to all the healing benefits, an hour with Russell reminds me that itís okay, even right, to expect and look for the utmost in people and life."

-40 year old, female consultant, artist 2009